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Alpaca meat has some very interesting characteristics. The meat is very lean and our testing has shown it to be extremely low in cholesterol. Alpaca is also very high in protein and low in fat and is often compared to lean pork with a slightly sweeter taste. Due to the leanness of the meat it is very important to cook alpaca cuts over high heat and not past medium rare. Our animals are processed at a federally inspected USDA butcher and all the animals are handled with respect and in a fashion to minimize stress.

Alpaca meat may seem new and exotic, and in a way it is here in North America, but it is far from new. In fact, one could convincingly argue that alpacas were the world's first duel purpose livestock (used for both meat and fiber). Alpacas have been domesticated for around 12,000 years, making them the first domesticated animal. Alpacas were primarily bred for their fiber just as they are today, but stores of dried alpaca and llama meat called charquihave been found that date back 10,000 years. As an interesting side note, charqui is the origin of the word we now use for dried meat, Jerky.